Many thanks to the local friends and makers that made The Kebabery a unique place in our community.


California College
of The Arts

The Kebabery collaborated with CCA Furniture Production 2 and Katherine Lam to design and fabricate 8 handmade chairs. Thanks to students Stephen Moore, Malachi Trent, Kjetil Smedal & Nathaniel Hedges for our unique and beautiful chairs

Cynthia Warren Design

Cynthia is an Oakland-based designer, illustrator and calligrapher who does meticulous hand lettering in the wee hours.


Manual Labor

Manual Labor is the West Oakland creative team who designed our benches, tables, counters and a few other details. They work collaboratively on projects at all scales – furniture, interior design and architecture. Manual Labor brings curiosity, tenacity, clarity and craftsmanship to each project. And, yes, they do manual labor!


Form & Reform

Jon Sarriugarte is the man behind the chandeliers (AKA Kebabery Krowns).  Jon uses centuries-old blacksmithing techniques and modern processes to bring out the interesting textures, shapes and finishes of the material.